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You’ve Missed a Day!

So looking back through my blogs I realised I’ve missed one post! Does it really matter? Probably not, but it matters to me. I’ll know whether I’ve missed it! So it is in times like this I will write two blogs this week to make up for it! I do not believe in skipping one week!

Your brain is extremely powerful and you need to tell it that you do not go against those commitments to yourself no matter how you feel!

This is truly my secret in showing up 2 years in a row. I won’t say I’ve shown up like a magical unicorn! That I’ve always been on point. That I’ve willingly wanted to show up, but I do not back down on my minimum baseline goals. It’s completely obvious we won’t always feel like it, but this is how you create motivation.

Motivation is simply an emotion. So when you go against yourself and say, “Hell to the no bitch” it pumps you up. You feel like you badass you were so exhausted. You didn’t want to do it, but you did it anyway! There’s no better feeling than this. Like going to the gym when you don’t feel like it. I dare you to try it!

This is a B- blog and sometimes you know what, that’s okay? How I feel about myself matter’s more. Not every post will be incredible and that’s okay! This blog doesn’t need to be a 30 minute read I’ve given you the gold nugget you need. Now take it and use it!


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