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Working Smart

I've been at this game now since September 2017 where I decided to go all in on social media. At first it started with my old faithful instagram. Then I started with facebook. Then I slowly went into IGTV. Then daily IG & Facebook Lives. To daily podcasts. Then to daily tiktoks. Then to daily YouTube video's which I've now converted to weekly vlogs. So it's safe to say I've learn't a lot of time hacks along the way. I used to drowned, but now I'm actually finding I have too much time on my hands. So I'm going to share with you my secrets.

People actually find it amazing what I achieve on a day to day basis, but honestly I waste 1-2 hours of my day on my phone just like you as well, but the difference is I use the guilt of this to chase my own goals!

Everyday I produce the following social media goals:

- x3 Instagram Posts

- x4 Facebook Posts

-x3 Twitter Posts

- Daily Podcast

- x1 LinkedIn Daily Tip

- x5 Tiktok

- x1 Community Post within my Facebook Group to push others along

This honestly takes 30 minutes of my day now.

On a weekly basis I do:

- x1 YouTube vlog

- x1 LinkedIn Consultant vlog

- x1 blog

I think what allows me to execute the way I do. I'm not precious about my content. I execute. I'm a Practitioner, not a theorists. So while others are watching me thinking wow spelling mistakes etc. I've already moved onto my next post. People buy people and I'm just being me. I'm a nice person so even though it's not perfect people actually like it. It's relatable to them.

So how do I do it all?

Well every Sunday I do the following. Okay I spend 2-3 hours, but my week days are then stress free:

- I mass record my daily podcasts and schedule them for 4am throughout the weekdays on anchor

- I produce my YouTube vlog and schedule it for Saturday 4am

- I used buffer to schedule my twitter, facebook and LinkedIn daily posts

- My x3 real time posts on IG goes straight to facebook. This allows me to share my daily life

- I mass record my tiktoks on a Sunday & HAVE FUN

So there it is. Now enjoy and get yours beautifuls!

It's all about automation.


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