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Working From Home Survival Guide

Working from home sounds like a dream, but for a highly motivated individual it's actually kind of a nightmare. Personally being in the same environment day in and day out is not great for my mental health. So I've had to think out of the box and bring my daily routine back.

Therefore, every day I've added a 2 hour commute into my journey. My commute allows me to come round and just purely destress at the end of the day. Then as a working environment I have a different list of coffee shops and hotels. This allows me to have a different environment associated to work and appreciate the flexibility of my job.

It's always so easy though to spend a lot of money. So put a budget on yourself. Please remember though your mental health matters more than money. So try to balance it out accordingly. Maybe 1-2 days at home and 4-3 days in a coffee shop.


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