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Why you should go all in on LinkedIn!

There's been talks of LinkedIn changing. LinkedIn? Really? I only ever used it to search for a job. I know! I know! I know, but in order for LinkedIn to not die it had to adapt. It had to embrace the social media traits of the other leading platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What's lessons learnt can you use from Instagram and Facebook for LinkedIn:

- Hashtags! As it's still a professional platform individuals are still scared to use them. Meaning your post can easily trend in a hashtag, but also, if the hashtag is search your post will appear as one of the tops! I only had 5 likes, but 650 views and my post went trending!

- Putting yourself out there! Now this is probably the best trait you can ever have. It's so horrible to be one of the first, but for so many years we have watched these rich people get richer and richer. It's our turn now!

- GaryVee $1,80 theory. How to build an audience!

Starting from this week I decided to go all in on LinkedIn by posting a daily tip using a catchy hashtag #tipsfromtippings and a weekly vlog.

Background on myself and why LinkedIn is the platform I should go all in on. Sometimes I find it's a lot easier to see why if I review someone's example story.

Why - to be the best version of myself and not fall a victim to the choices I've made

Goal - Create a fitness and nutrition program for Consultants, by a Consultant

Audience - Consultants

Therefore, everyday I'm sharing how I stay healthy in my lifestyle as that's my niche and expertise! I'm saving all the in depth SAP knowledge to my senior colleagues. However graduates career advice is something I can most definitely help with. Stay in your own expertise lane and I hope to connect with you on there soon.


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