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When Life Sucks

Lets face it you and me both know life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Even though it seems it on social media every day. Which quite frankly triggers me right off!

You know what they say, “Things come in three” and so it did. I won’t lie to you I am finding life more challenging lately. Anyone would consider the three knocks I’ve had recently, but still it’s extremely laughable to think I will not withstand this storm. I was born for these storms. I was tailored made to survive anything.

However, it does stop things getting to me or hijacking my feelings. And you know what? THAT’S OKAY! She thinks which a twitching eye. We only stress from the lack of planning. Therefore, I’ve now decided to reduce the stress of prepping for SAS: Who Dares Wins by taking a week off work to prepare for it.

I have already decided my action steps, but first things first I will binge watch the series and study it like an university course. I will use my strength as an student to overcome this. Then I will schedule the appropriate classes such as MAP READING!

I will then plan all associated events within my calendar for the next year. Even though I will be moving to the USA it is no excuse to stay in limbo and let time pass by! Also, massively blessed news I’m treating myself to a 3 day spa retreat completely free off of my Hilton Points! I am most certainly blessed and highly flavoured.

Here’s are my words of advice during times of MEH focus of one thing you are proud of and 10 things you are grateful for! Top tips to increase your mood:

1) Workout… please only a workshop you love!


3) Eat good food!

4) In your mind tell people to, “Fuck off” and then in real life just say, “no”. People pleasers are liars!

5) SPICE GIRLS FOR LIFE aka get a good playlist!

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