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What is so bad about bad days?

On social media I am known for showing up with authenticity on a daily basis, but I am a unique account. There are million upon million accounts everyday showing up like sunshine and rainbows come out of their ass. Anyone who has a bad day clearly have a mental problem. So if you say you are having a bad day the whole world will raise concern and be like, “Oh cheer up”. Blah blah and blah! Listen I don’t know who told you this illusion that life should only be positive, because they must be clearly on a ridiculous amount of happy pills. Bad days are no unacceptable as part of the human experience. When you accept life is 50/50 positive and negative if you notice you are happy 75% of the time you will actually start being extremely ungrateful and won’t panic when a bad day comes.

When I experience negative emotion I embrace it. I walk into it all. I welcome the tears. I do not hide from my negative emotions. If anything I will lock myself away to reflect on it. This bad day results in a bad day being an incredible opportunity to cry and simply reflect. Bad days are simply character building days. There’s nothing wrong with you! Honestly welcome them with open arms and you will soon start to have less of them. People go to extreme lengths to avoid negative emotions. We all know the answer isn’t at the bottom of an empty glass.

That will never be you and do you want to know why? Because you are a motherfucking boss with big goals. Even if you haven’t got goals yet you are seeking the answers of where to find them. You know that to become the new you the old you got to go. This highlights the path of most resistance and the bad days to go with it. You know anything worth having don’t come easy and you soon will embrace the bad days for the amazing opportunities they are.

Peace out


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