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What Creates a Champion?

Currently sat on my bed on a Sunday afternoon completely exhausted with tears down my face. I always put on YouTube speeches of David Goggins to push me forward when completing my social media content goals. It’s very easy when you are tired to just pack it in. To think well no one cares? But the truth is you would care if you quit!

On shuffle Arnie – Champion speech came on talking about if you can’t break through that pain barrier you will never be a champion. And it got me thinking maybe this mental wall is the pain barrier. Maybe it is in these moments where all we want to do is quit, but we show up anyways means we will be Champions.

Sometimes we let our head wins. To tell us, “You are good enough”. “That greatness is not for you” and so on and so forth. But think about this logically. If you show up everyday even when you don’t feel like it that logically means you will achieve anything you want. Okay there are limits and I know you are aware of that. Even I know I won’t walk into the Olympics next year, but hey I can achieve anything I WANT. Emphasis on the WANT. If it doesn’t make you happy then just drop it.

Here are my top tips on how to start:

· Find a group where you have to check in daily

· Once you gain the confidence in the group then start checking in daily on social media

· Use the guilt people actually give a fuck about you to continue to show up

· Personal development daily aka motivational speeches

Here are my top tips on how to not stop:

· NEVER EVER take an unplanned day off

· Add more pressure to keep yourself accountable

· Never ever lie on social media i.e. if you don’t feel like it then be honest

· Show up daily even on a rest day!

· Increase your personal development

· Oh and embrace the identity crises because you are going to discover traits in you you didn’t even know existed

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