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Week 4 of Isolation- The Comeback

Happiness is hidden within discipline. This was the biggest lesson I learn't from last week and I think there is definitely is a reason for the saying, "One step forward and three steps backwards". I'm so guilty of this of feeling so good from planning my day out that I delay activities to the day after. By the morning time there's no way I want to spend a full hour planning my day especially during this tense time.

So this week I'm going to summaries the activities I've put in place which bought me from a weekly low to a weekly meh (I can't say high and over exaggerate as we are still getting there):

- Planning my day before and keeping my journaling activities to a maximum of 30 minutes throughout the week and weekend;

- Taking my skills of my emotional management with my goal setting across to trading. Therefore, I now listen to a money management podcast, read a trading book regarding the mindset of a trader and journal each morning. This has helped massively;

- Tracking my training sessions aka timing my runs and writing down my reps and weights;

- FIRST DRINK OF THE YEAR! I needed to let my hair down so on Friday I had a pub quiz and Saturday a RuPaul themed Girls night in :D;

- Focusing on my nutrition by actually putting my food plan on the fridge which is done for the whole week;

- Called myself out of my shit and therefore, not beating myself up about it. Just being more real and understanding;

- Avoiding others! I've been going for my daily walks for over one year, but now with isolation the places I go are busier than ever. Therefore, to save myself from stress I go in off-peak times and I still get to enjoy the beautiful views.

I hope these help and you are doing okay. Honestly this time is not easy at all and I show on a daily basis on social media that is the case!

Take care!

- myhitlife

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