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Week 3 of Isolation and the Mighty Fall

As they say in Science, "What goes up, must come down".

Let's face it there's only so far we can push before life catches up to us and I'm okay with that. Below are some of the lessons learnt I've learnt from my good and bad weeks of isolation and how I will implement them into next week so I can take control once more:

- Journal the night before planning out my goals and timetable for the next day. There is no way I will want to spend one hour during a pandemic planning out of my day. When I wake up negative emotions come and my attention spam is a lot shorter. Therefore, a standard 15 minute slot for journaling is sufficient;

- Create a daily meal plan and water goals. Also, keep these in sight always and schedule these into your day. You feel better when you know you are doing your best especially during the hard time;

- Filming content during workouts is pretty stupid. Wait until the end or on a weekend then create! Also, use the Alexa as a timer for each set. This will save you going into your phone, seeing a notification and loosing one hour of your life;

- Food plans not only make you feel good, but can help you create your 2 weeks shopping list. Going to the supermarkets feels pretty CREEPY atm and very stressful. Therefore, make it easier for yourself by going late out night and having a shopping list ready. And only substitute options. For example, there's never any eggs so I'm going with a Protein Smoothie daily therefore, I bought lots of frozen fruit;

- Find alternative walking routes. The places I've been walking over a year is extremely beautiful and now people are more motivated to go visit them without keeping the necessary social distancing. Instead of getting so frustrated I can just switch my routes;

- Do my social media goals in the morning and then lock my phone away. Its all too easy to avoid life right now with it.

I hope the above lessons learnt help, because I promise you it ain't easy, but for me taking control during this time is the only thing keeping me sane.

Plus with another 3 weeks to go let's power on.

- myhitlife

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