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Week 2 in Self Isolation 🙌

Honestly I decided that I would use this situation to my advantage. So if you feel this is not the correct approach then please don't read this blog.

Week 2 of self isolating complete and don't get me wrong I still procrastinate heavily into my phone, but I'm achieving more than ever. I've invested in 5 different markets and I'm actually making profit. I've attended 2 trade seminars which have benefited me massively and then done my assigned homework.

Regarding training wise my running have improved massively and I really think I'm 5 lbs down, but I never weigh so I truly wouldn't know. The weather have been glorious and with the guidelines of only being able to go out for exercise I truly appreciate it more. Everyday I try to write down a food plan so I can plan ahead my meals and tick them off as I go. I actually haven't binge eat once! Which is pretty incredible for me. So I'm hoping we have to stay instead for one month so I can actually give up junk food. I've went to the store once and my old let's just buy that unnecessary pizza thoughts are still there.

Work have been amazing as well with a new project to keep me busy!

Today writing this blog I've actually had a complete Self Care Day, but I knew I'd have to do these goals tomorrow and as the sun is still up and shinning I thought what better time to go chill in my mindfulness corner with some spotify music on and get it done.

I'm actually feeling better than I've felt in many months and I'm not sure whether it's because I've been struggling so hard since last year and now I'm finally coming out the other side. Or maybe because we all have to face Corona that as I'm dealing with it a little better in my head I feel a lot better. Who knows? But honestly I'm not going to complain.

I've decorated my whole room with different sections for my life and this was my best decision yet!

Summary mechanisms I've been using during self isolation:

- Daily 24 hour timetable

- Weekly timetable

- Daily journaling

- Daily vitamins

- Organising my environment around me

- Food plan

- Daily personal development

- Mastering a new skill

Oh and above is a photo of me after I attempted to dye my own hair! It actually didn't turn out bad ha.

I hope it helps guys and honestly if you ever need anything from me. Just let me know!


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