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Wanting to Quit Instagram

Today for the first time I honestly I looked at my instagram engamanent and thought, "Fuck this shit". I honestly was contemplating quitting instagram. But do you know what stopped me? The fact I've been doing this every day now for 2 years.

It reminds me every race I've ever done. I'm fucked! I want to quit, but I remember how far I've come and I still move forward. It's as if in my mind if I quit I've got to walk all that way back to the start.

I understand my social media engagement is down to the lack of work I put into it, but with my long term goal of hitting my true potential and going on The Titan Games that will smash my personal brand. You can't multi task your goals. Do 80% into your One Thing goal and leave 20% to the remaining.

So here's to me being honest. I've never ever talked about quitting before, because I've never felt it. But today it was a serious consideration. Looks like the journey forever remains.

My top tip would be for you to look back how far you've come and pictured yourself walking back to the start. I promise you it will drive you forward.


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