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The one reason I love David Goggins is when I'm reading his book I can relate to it so much. From the core of my soul. Especially the part where he looks down on people. I know I do that on a daily basis. I know I find it extremely hard to not be around people who have zero excuses. I seek driven people. I love being around the most successful. I love suffering. I even got to the point of googling to see if David had a girlfriend. Not, because I'm in to older men! I'm certainly not, but I could just see having someone like David Goggins as your partner you would achieve your goals. You would have someone who cuts out every excuse!

That is what I'm waiting for. I don't want a boyfriend when my 4am alarm hits and he's like stay in bed. The thought of someone even doing that to me makes me mad. I'm so obsessed with finding what I'm really made of I won't alone myself to settle for someone who will sabotage that.

I nearly died at 22 years old and I knew I would die with such regret of the life I lived. I now know today I wouldn't die feeling that way, but I'm nowhere near done. I want more and I don't care how much it breaks me. I will go to war with myself to get it. Its so easy in todays world to hide in our phones. To procrastinate, but I'm determined to get over that to achieve my goals. I will not be afraid of an emotion.

What would you do to achieve your goal?

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