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Two Types of Emotions

For the last two weeks I've invested in a Mental Endurance Coach to aid me with my goal for SAS: Who Dares Wins. Safe to say the journey has been emotional and at the moment we are mainly focusing on making me aware to my thoughts (which created my emotions). Then building the basics to put me in control of my future and path to my goals. Training in the gym is great, but training the mind is when things get tasty.

I was listening to the below podcast today and discovering the two different types of emotions:

Energy fueling and energy depleting emotions. These emotions will then tie in with your thoughts. First things first thought you have to make yourself aware of your emotions and just looking at my SAS: Who Dares Wins goal I can clearly see my emotions are not certainty. I have quotes such as, "Trust yourself and Trust the universe". As if on the way to my journey through training the belief will come. Naturally when I put in the reps it will aid me, but no matter amounts of reps will create the belief I need.

I don't have all the answers hence why I've got a coach, but I'm willing to review myself to find them. I've realised I haven't succeeded with SAS: Who Dares Wins yet purely because of my lack of belief in the goal. Sounds harsh as hell, but I can only move forward when I'm honest.

I want to fix the root cause. So here I go. I hope the above podacst helps you massively and thank you for always being amazing. Never forget to get yours and I am here with you!

- myhitlife

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