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Traveling in Covid-19

Hello my friends :)

I'll have you know I've typed this blog up on a Wednesday, because this Sunday I will be self isolating in a hotel room. The picture above was in Venice when Covid-19 was a bit of a laughable matter. THEN BOOM! Shit hit the fan so quickly.

If you read my last blog post you will know that life has knocked me on my ass and honestly last week I booked a family caravan holiday in South Wales. I nearly lost my shit! The idea of not traveling until 2021 and also, being bed bound actually killed my soul a little!

So I started looking on airbnb and just for anywhere I could go away for cheap! We are all feeling the hit of Covid-19 financially and mentally, but I've decided my mental health mattered more. I literally only want a room as obviously I'm resting and it being a pandemic I don't fancy putting myself at risk.

I've managed to get 3 nights in Cardiff Holiday Inn for £109. I would suggest for you to search numerous locations as Cardiff was actually the cheapest option with a decent hotel. So how am I going to survive staying in my room for 3 nights?

Well these are my meals:

Breakfast- Weetabix and protein yoghurt

Snack - Protein shake and bar

Lunch - Tuna thins and veg

Snack - Nuts, veg and a tin of mackeral

Dinner - DELIVEROO thai one night and italian the other

Also, to save money on my first night I'll bring my own dinner

All the food I'm bringing you won't need a fridge and I will take the relevant cultery. I mean I won't even be going down to have breakfast LOL. I'm not even testing 2020.

But mentally I damn needed to just be by myself! I mean 100+ days without being fully on my own. I'll update next week how it went. Also, more details in my podcast:


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