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Timezone shift - work/life balance

For example, say at work you are assigned to an USA project and you need to adjust your hours. Or alternatively, you have decided to work one week a month in Europe (BRING ON THE SUN). Either way, you still have 24 hours in your day! It's all about re-planing your day to create a work/life balance to avoid going through the motions.

Example, my new working pattern is 12pm - 8pm or 1pm - 9pm from my previous 9.00am to 5.30pm. Instead of getting overwhelmed and doing the typical oh well I'll say up until 12.00am and sleep in with no alarm. I caught myself and re-planned my day to ensure I hit every goal I did before.

Bedtime was 9.30pm and alarm goes off at 6.30am. I would then do my normal morning routine and social media activities. I would schedule two meals in to ensure I had enough fuel before heading to gym before I started work at 12pm. But Katie, what about your chill time? Don't worry, I got you! So in my lunch break I would schedule 1 Netflix episode of Umbrella Academy. This kept me extremely motivated and allowed me to switch off after I finished work at 9.00pm.

I still bought my normal energy to work with my 8 hours of sleep and minimum impact to my work/life balance even with the big work pattern shift. This is how I reduce the trap of just waking up and going to work.

I hope it helps you with any further work projects you have or alternatiely, side hustle.


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