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Tiktok International Women's Day Campaign

Hey, look Mam I made it!

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed I looked extra fucking crazy during February. Well I was asked to create content for Tiktok for the #WomenWhoWow International Women's Day campaign!!!

Honestly it was absolutely crazy and no joke I had one day where I didn't sleep! But it was worth it all OF COURSE! Achieving your dreams isn't a straight forward path. The amount of positive and negative emotions you get with it is completely mind blowing.

Now my Mam & I are on tiktok adverts on tiktok, Instagram, Facebook & snapchat! Like seriously my mam & I!

So this is purely a little motivation blog please know in order to achieve this opportunity I went on the platform in July 2018 and posted every single day! No matter how I felt unless life bought me to my knees such as illness where I couldn't see, nerve damage and loss of a family member. Overall, I have created over 3,000 tiktoks and I'm nowhere near stopping. I post 5 tiktoks daily and I honestly couldn't tell you my average like ratio, because it's not about the likes for me.

So a reminder if I can, you can! So get after it!


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