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Three Types of Time Management to Consider

After showing up daily since Sept 2017 I've learnt the hard way these three types of time management I wish I would consider in my weekly planning:

- Plan Ahead

- Spare Time Activities

- Curve Ball

- Recovery Time

Plan Ahead

This type of time management comes into your monthly planning and reviewing your calendar to see whether you actually have weekend activities. I've noticed for the last two weekends of this month I will be fully occupied with activities which will help me chase my goals, but that means I need to create 2 weeks of content so I can be fully present during these weekends. I've noticed after these types of events I'm so drained that I cannot do these activities during or after it. Therefore, now I have a free weekend I'm sat here executing and scheduling the content beforehand. It's never easy, but it is always worth it.

Spare Time Activities

I actually have 2-3 hours spare everyday and there's only so much Netflix I can consume. Therefore, instead of just taking the easy option of wasting time on my phone I need to have activities planned for me to do in my spare time. I've decided this year I would actually like to get into cooking and possibly baking. It's like you have to channel your inner child all over again which isn't easy, but this is actually a common problem for many.

Curve Ball

When something comes out of the blue and you have to rise to the challenge. It is so easy at this point to just get consumed with overwhelm, but one thing I do is try to tackle the task as soon as possible. To get out of my own head I simply write down everything I need to do. When you see it on paper it removes the overwhelm and makes the task easier to tackle even when you may feel drained.

Recovery Time

After every event/ holiday make sure you have a day or two where you can just be and relax. We aren't superhero's even though we may feel like that.

I hope these help and hopefully will make life a little easier.


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