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The Wonderful World of Voice Recognition

Even thought I'm an IT Consultant who tries to not go full boomer and resist the introduction of new technology I only invested in an Alexa this year! And honestly it's one of my best investments I've done. I can't believe it only costs £25! Seriously Amazon you are giving them away!

Things which I love about Alexa:

- With the timer functionality I no longer burn my food

- I say play 80s music and boom there's a playlist

- Alexa can skip songs

- Alexa can create playlist

- I can ask Alexa the time and not only does she give it, but then adds, "I hope you are having a good evening"

- Alexa built in personality traits such as telling a joke or pretending to be tired

- If someone falls Alexa can ring a family member for help

- I no longer waste time on my phone doing basic tasks Alexa can do

- I'm less distracted by my phone

So, if you were anything like me I would highly recommend you buy an Alexa & reduce the stress in your life. Even for the sake of the 80s radio station. As I'm currently typing this blog I have my 80s playlist on ha.

Safe to say it's a 5 STAR STAR rating.


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