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The Social Media Advantage

Social Media Accountability have helped me become the person I am today, but I'll be honest with you social media lately have not helped me on my journey. SO... I decided to take a step back and look at my brand. Reflect on what I NEEDED to change and how I could help myself achieve my goals.

Therefore, as I'm feeling burn't out I've decided to minimise my content from x5 tiktoks a day to a solid x2 tiktoks. Everyday on tiktok I will create a SAS: Who Dares Wins Training Vlog to hold me accountable for training for the show even during Covid-19. Honestly, it's so easy for life to knock us on our ass and just quit. When we are in silence it's so easy to quit, but when everyone is watching you. You'll be surprised how much further you can push yourself. Example of my new vlog below:

The thing I adore most about the vlogs is that people can get to know me more, it holds me accountable and it provides even more value to my audience. A lot of the time my audience wants to know what I eat daily and think I'm always motivated. This vlog will show the real truth of how difficult things can be.

On tiktok I only post up to 1 minute of the vlog, but I will post the full version of IGTV. Plus I will then combine Monday-Friday vlogs to create my YouTube video! This is the best piece of content which just keeps on giving and giving! I then screenshot parts of my vlog to create my typical Fitness check-in photo on Instagram. Again using the GaryVee content strategy, but for now I'm focusing more on "quality". AKA I'm just resting and producing 30 pieces of content daily instead of my typical 50!

Training Schedule:

Monday - Total body

Tuesday - Light run and Jerry Can circuit

Wednesday - Rest Day

Thursday - Hard Run

Friday - Total body & Jerry Can holds

Saturday - Medium run

Sunday - Weighted Tab

If social media isn't adding value to your life, then you are using it wrong!

How could you use social media to help you achieve your goals?

- myhitlife

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