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The Power of a Dead Battery

You know when you have finally pushed the wall off a cliff? Your whole body relaxes and you naturally just fall asleep at 6.30pm! I had my best sleep ever in a long time and naturally woke up at 3.15am, 45 minutes before my alarm. I chose to refuse to snooze the alarm until 4am. Exited to view my Fitbit statistics… YES! It’s of my new goals to get between 7-8 hours of sleep a night to aid with my Titan Training.

As organised as I am sometimes I forget or even loose things. I lost a bank card last week and now my reading glasses this week. No one is perfect! Yesterday I forgot to pack my iPhone charger. I let the little things go and I’m completely self aware I’m a hot mess. Why even beat myself about my personality traits? I mitigate them as much as I can, but still at the end of the day I am simply just a human.

However, I’ve had one of my most successful productive mornings in a very long time. Probably due to my realisation I can’t afford to waste my battery on procrastination. I completed all my daily goas and even recording my vlogs and podcasts ready for the following week!

Then I had the pleasure of knowing as all was done due to my efficiency. I finally walked to breakfast and had the long relaxing breakfast I deserved. Looking around the kiln feeling truly blessed with a cranberry/ raspberry Twining’s tea in my cup and saucer. I then took a long shower washing my hair not once, but twice with my Crabtree & Evelyn shampoo provided by the Hilton. YouTube on my laptop playing Queen as I do my shower dance and smiling at how beautiful life was. Okay, you got me I used the shampoo bottle as a mic.

I know many Consultants who see this lifestyle as a curse. When you rush through your day you don’t appreciate the small things you should actually be grateful for. This morning was a gift of a low battery which then caused it to later die. Take some time each morning to intentionally find the small pleasures in life.

I’m grateful that you show up for me everyday and I hope I provide you with value you can implement in your own life.

Yours Grateful,


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