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The Guide to Healthy Business Travel

From transitioning to a desk job 9am -5.30pm every day in the same location to living in hotels 4-5 days a week. It became quickly apparent if I didn’t start creating a simple strategy I was going to fall into the Consultant Belly trap. It’s always harder to change an existing habit so from day one in hotel living I started off right. The key to it all came down to planning. To this day I’m so much more structured & disciplined in hotel living than I’ve ever at home. The thought of making a piece of toast on a Friday seems like the amount of effort it will take to climb Everest.

I’m going to start out with basic checks I carry out when I join any new project:

· Project;

· Hotel;

· Gym;

· Kitchen facilities;

· Food.


After a week you can gather your project environment. Assess the below questions:

· What are the typical project hours? This will dictate hotel checks.

o Is it more chilled out at the moment then maybe you can afford a longer commute to work?

o Not enough time to pee in the day? Then take a hotel which will minimise your commute time

· What is the office environment like? Do you like it or find it draining? This will dictate how much “You” time you will need in the below areas.

o Does walking into the office make you feel happy?

o Do you like the customers?

· What are your work colleagues like? This will aid in the hotel checks/ decision.

o Is it all abroad the banter bus?

o Have we got a room full of negative Nancy’s and Nathan’s?

· What is the view on that hour lunch break? This will aid in gym or food options.

o You eat at your desk?

o Hit that 30 minute class?

o Walk to the shop, buy your sandwich and come back

· Is there cooking or fridge facilities at work for Consultants? This will aid in kitchen facilities checks.

· Is there a gym on site? This will help gym checks.

· Does anyone else food prep or is it a meal deal environment? This will aid in hotel location.

· Would you want to spend your evenings with them?

o Are they a positive influence? Example I’ve had colleagues where we have pushed each other to hit that morning spin / HiiT class creating such great team spirit and banter for the rest of the day in work

You initial answers to these questions can help dictate the following questions.

Work is key, but also is your happiness! You are a Consultant and there will only be a work/ life balance if you create it! We know you want to be successful, but you also probably want to avoid that heart attack or single life as well. You can have both, but you need to plan and create hours in your day!


Your hotel location will dictate the following:

· Commute time taken to get to the office work;

· Is everyone on your project there?

· What is the atmosphere of the hotel?

· Does the hotel have a spa (pack your swimsuit!)?

· Does the hotel have a gym and if so, what hours?

When you start anything put yourself on the path of least resistance.


Most importantly what is your fitness plan? You don’t have one then you need to create one! Or get on off line and dictate certain training days. Creating this path of least resistance. With your plan try to ensure you have the right facilities available.

· Does the hotel have a gym?

· If no hotel gym, where is the nearest gym? Would work expense it?

· Is there a spare room in the hotel?

· Is there a gym on site?

Also, think about what time of day you can train and would suit your work schedule. Example, if work is crazy and you are in the office until 10pm then I suggest doing mornings.

Kitchen Facilities

It is unlikely any hotel has kitchen facilities, but a fridge can flip your life around!

· Fridge = 2 days food shop stored;

· If no fridge, can you request to use the staff fridge?

· Is there a fridge on site?

· Can you buy the food at lunch time or before work to prep ready for the day? Carry cutlery in your suitcase/ work bag.

I’ve been on projects with a fridge and without and I know it’s possible!


Where are you going to get your food from? If you don’t have food obviously you’ll be hitting that vending machine or snacking on those donuts in front of you.

· Is there a grocery store near the hotel?

· Is there a grocery store near work or on the way to work?

· Is there a grocery store within working distance at lunch time?

· What breakfast and evening meal are you treating yourself with? Have they got Deliveroo or good room service?

As you probably noticed above there are so much options, but the options will be eliminated based on the answers you’ve given in regards to your project section. Always put your happiness first and create the path of least resistance!

I’ve survived all the different types of combinations above so I’ve learnt the hard way, but if you need any advice just hit me up on social media – myhitlife or email

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