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The Breakdown

Another week of lows for myhitlife.... No! Fuck that another character building week! Another week of proving how resilient I am! Another week of crawling my ass through the shit of what is life. Another week of knowing there isn't no off button. Another week of knowing no matter how hard it gets I never quit. Another week of showing the world how real it gets in my head. Another week of leading by example and being my authentic self.

Even though I feel fucking shit I'm still sat here typing this! As David Goggins mentioned within his book, "The practitioner writes the book as they are bleeding in battle". Never let anyone define your limits, but most importantly never let anyone trick you into believing it will be easy.

That crying means you should quit! Its the complete opposite! I can't even explain to you how proud I am of myself. How I bring the realness which is needed to social media. How I did not only 1 SAS selection route, but 2... UNFUCKINGPLANNED! These are routes made to drop 50% of the recruits! The fucking SAS! And still I showed up on social media.

I think I don't quit, because I knew from the start it wasn't going to be easy. A lot of people talk... they talk. They throw up the quotes when they feel like it, but they don't commit. They don't commit the way I commit therefore, their opinions don't impact my decisions. I'm not going to let some individuals who only show their highlights on social media. Its very easy to be on a motivation high when you start, but when they make it to two years down the line then I'll listen.

So fuck anyone else's opinion but your own! Stay in your own lane. Embrace the suck, because the suck is coming whether you like it or not.

I'm sorry, but quitting is unacceptable. And I can lecture you like this, because I show the world and lead by example. But seriously I don't care if tears are streaming down your face and your boyfriend just dumped your ass. You crawl your ass forward. Whatever goal you have then daily you commit to the actions you need to take. Mental breakdowns are coming and the more you push yourself the more frequent they will come. Accept it! Stop acting like a little bitch and crawl your ass forward.


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