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The Benefits of Streamlining Your Life

I don't know why we think, "Oh we only live once", and then we "treat" ourselves to a life that makes us feel shit! So lately I have been waking up at 6.30am and even 5.30am and I can't even explain how demotivating it is. You wake up and already know you haven't got enough time to do your morning routine. So being a human we procrastinate the little time we have anyways.

I don't need to be all like YOLO and stay up late. I don't need or want it in my life. It's demotivating and I constantly feel like I'm behind. If you follow me on instagram you would know I'm about that 4am life. Lately I've gotten into the trap oh, but I need to sleep 8 hours there's no way I can wake up at 4.30am. But THERE IS!I still have 24 hours in my day! 24 hours.

So I've made a promise to myself to no longer "treat" myself to late bed time. My weekly bedtimes are now the following:

- Monday - Friday = 8.30pm

- Saturday - Sunday = 9.30pm

What time to get ready to go to bed by:

- Monday - Friday = 7.30pm

- Saturday - Sunday = 8.30pm

How to get ready for bed:

- Hot Shower

- Moisturise

- Wash face / remove makeup

- Brush Teeth

- Face & Eye cream

- Ensure journal, pens & favorite cup is on the side

- Light up yankee candle

- Read 10 pages of friction

- Eye Mask

Wake up times:

- Monday - Friday = 4.30am

- Saturday - Sunday = 5.30am

First 15 Minutes of Every Morning:

- Never snooze

- Earphones in

- Motivational speech playlist on

- Light up yankee candle

- Grab favorite cup

- Head to the bathroom and splash 3 handfuls of freezing cold water

- Face wash and another 3 handfuls of freezing cold water

- Brush teeth

- Shower with 10 seconds freezing cold at the end (still with earphones in)

- Moisturize

And then start journaling

I promise you I've done both ways of living and I will chose the 1% morning over the 99% morning every time.

What's your bed and morning routine?


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