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Singles for Valentines Day

I'm a massive believer in happiness is a choice and I see people day in and day out not chose it. I see people feeling they are trapped to just go down a certain path. I just struggle to understand why people do that. Don't get me wrong I've followed the path with everyone else and for me it was just a pack of shit.

Why do I need a bae for Valentines Day? Why if we are single do we have to do a Bridget Jones? Therefore, I know if I am going to be sad on a certain holidays I will plan a trip away. Last Valentines Day I was living my best life in Dubai and this year I will be eating some incredible Italian pizza in Venice.

It's extremely hard to be unhappy when life treats you this good! Even before leaving for Venice I have mass produced the following content:

- 42 Instagram posts and therefore, 42 Facebook posts

- 14 Facebook posts

- 28 Twitter posts

- x2 Blogs

- x80 Tiktoks (all duets with my followers to say thank you back to them)

- x2 YouTube video's

- 14 LinkedIn posts

Please, please if you are lead up home sad over Christmas or Valentines Day take responsibility and start saving!

Always here to help so never be afraid to drop a question below or DM me on social


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