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Second Chance

How many people do you know to even get one chance at their dreams, let alone two?! I know, I know I actually can't quite believe it myself!

SAS: Who Dares Wins casting second chance. One of my friends told me that the team were coming to the gym to find recruits. I didn't even know whether to believe him, but I thought okay I will go all in. So I booked the day off work, but for the first time probably this year I slept through my alarm.

I didn't just sleep an hour or two, but three damn hours! The only chance I had to make it there in time was to get a damn taxi! £140 taxi mind and I didn't even know this guy was telling the truth, but I just didn't want to live with regret. My dad and friend told me not to go. To be honest most people would of said the same. It's a lot of money to invest just for 10-15 minutes.

But I just thought, "What else would I be doing? Sitting at home wondering whether the team went there? What if they did and I regretted it?". It just wasn't worth that. "Negative What if? questions".

The best news ever though! The team was there and I got a chance to even move onto the next damn stage!!! Two damn chances though my friend! What if I just packed in the bag then? What if I just gave up? I don't know how I'm so lucky, but I also know I put in the motherfucking work on a daily basis!

Ask yourself this, "If I died tomorrow would I regret anything?". I can safely say I would not!

Now you have my example. What is yours?


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