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SAS: Who Dares Wins New Strategy

Last week honestly life really gave me a hammering from failing the SAS assessment to someone trying to scam people using a fake account. Covid-19 really getting to people! However, I've managed to dog drag my ass across the floor this week which honestly I'm damn impressed by.

Old Training Plan:

- Monday: Total Body

- Tuesday: Light Run & Jerry Cans Circuit

- Wednesday: Rest Day

- Thursday: Hard Run

- Friday: Total Body & Jerry Cans Holds

- Saturday: Medium Run

- Sunday: Weighted Tab

New Training Plan:

- Monday: Total Body & Jerry Cans Circuit

- Tuesday: 100m Hill Sprints Turnabouts

- Wednesday: Rest Day

- Thursday: 2 Mile Timed Run

- Friday: Total Body & Jerry Cans Holds

- Saturday: Rest Day

- Sunday: Interval Session

Never change the goal, but change the strategy. I have mental toughness, but if your legs won't go that fast that's it. I've also, talked to another guy in my town who's applied for the show and I'm changing my 1.5 route to his. My route had an incline where you want get any bonus points for.

I hope everyone is crawling forward during lockdown and doing their very best. I believe in you!

- myhitlife

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