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Post The Special Forces Experience

It's now 21.39pm and my knees are aching. I slept until 7.30pm and of course then spent 1 hour of social media watching others people's lives. So of course now I'm guilt tripping myself to actually get some of my content goals in place. Such as YouTube video at least, blog and podcast.

Yet again I've over stretched myself and I certainly didn't plan it, but sometimes in life we have to make sacrifices. Sometimes our dreams will come to us and it won't require us to be ready or even prepared. It's requires us to not be a little weak ass bitch and rise to the challenge.

For the first time ever yesterday I decided to walk up Pen Y Fan solo and considering I've just applied for the SAS: Who Dares Wins tv show it seemed like the universe was saying, "You can have this, but you got to put in the work girl. So after walking up Pen Y Fan I signed up for the night and Fan Dance social forces experience. It replicates the SAS selection process and I had nothing on me. I was lucky enough the company leant me a head torch and waterproofs. I didn't even have a long sleeve top! But I committed with 3 hour sleep between each event and completed them both.

I even have a sprint finish! Not, because I had the energy! I was so done! I was so done with the pain and there was no way I was prolonging it by walking slowly down Pen Y Fan I sprinted and I was moaning so loud people thought I was giving birth! However, everyone moved! So if you was on the mountain... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

It life the only things we truly regret are the experiences we do not take. One day I will have children and I will be the example I want to set. I'm not pointing at anyone on TV or YouTube! The role model is my job and that's it!

So after 55km later I can safely say... guys I'm going to mentally breakdown throughout the week, but as always I will never give up! Crawl when needed! Let's get this week and use the guilt to help us push forward.

- myhitlife

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