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No one will tell you Your Future!

No one is going to come up to you and tell you your future. The best gift anyone can ever give you is the ability to see your own true potential, but the rest is down to you!

My parents don't even know my macro (Legend) goals. My Mother says, "I just know whatever you want to achieve, you will!". Not, because my parents aren't supportive, but they don't understand my vision. Many won't understand my vision and that's okay! It's not for anyone else to see, but me. It's why I show up daily like I do. I know to hit my macro goals I need to show up big on a daily basis! I know what I'm made of and I'm coming for it all, a day at a time!

I'm documenting the whole process so the whole world can watch and audit it, but most importantly I'm sharing all my knowledge so the world can come along with me as well! Writing this I started to cry... like I usually do with tears of overwhelming happiness. Picturing myself walking on stage and showing the world that no one can become someone. By just putting in the work daily and believing in themselves.

I'm going to break everyone's belief barriers, including my own! I'm going to start a chain reaction. I'm going to make the impossible seem possible, because it actually is. We watch so many famous people daily who's made that a reality. If not them, then why not us? I'll be living my most undeniable "why". To be the best version of myself and to see what I'm really made of. It doesn't even matter if I don't hit my goals. All that matters is that I went all in and will not regret later on in life being haunted with, "What if?".

I'm afraid your future is down to you to create. For you to put in the work and let your future find you. As funny as it sounds that's what happened to me. I was just chasing a goal body and it smacked me in the face. No one ever walked up to me and told me, "Go on The Titan Games". I've decided that and I've decided to share it with the world. Not because, I believed I could do it. Oh no! To hold me accountable so I could put in the daily work which would lead me to Titan Katie who would most definitely believe with all her soul that the show was made for her and her alone. People laugh now... let them laugh. I always need a good rocket up my ass for my "FUCK YOU" moment.

So why am I typing this at 10:00 pm on a Sunday night you may add? If you follow me on social media you would've discovered long ago I'm dyslexic. Meaning that written is not my best communication. That's why I pick video. I can ensure to any dyslexic person out there I work in a job where I get paid to write essays... and I still manage. If I can, you can too! I leave my best work for my day job of course! I'm writing this to encourage you, maybe in a way to inspire you. For you to watch a no one become a someone. For you to wake up and realize you need to set an example for your children or even future children. For you to avoid that moment on your deathbed where you advise your family to not lived how you lived. For you to take a deep breathe in and start leading the way.

Show them all that dreams aren't just mean't for children, but for the doers of the world! I'm 27 years old and still a baby. Now wake the fuck up and put in the work! If I can, you can! I believe in you, because I believe in myself. People actually show up to watch me daily on Instagram. A fucking IT Consultant who only had 140 followers and legit lost 60 becoming "myhitlife". WE GOT THIS!


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