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My Go To Mentors for Tech, Mindset & Hacks

There are so many people in the world giving amazing information that it would give us information overload. One thing I would recommend is just having one key person you believe, trust and are at the top of their game for each area of your life you need. These people will have qualities you relate to and can listen to them everyday!

My go to people are:

- Professional Development in the Tech Space: GaryVee

In my job obviously I get trained and have talks on the latest business software. GaryVee I use to get up to date with customer specific software. To find out the latest apps and how he is using them. GaryVee was one of the first real adopters of the Internet, Ecommerce, BlockChain (Bitcoin investor) and Voice (Voicecon, Podcast and Alexa Skill). By listening to Gary I become a more open minded Consultant and can see solutions which could help our potential clients. A business is a business after all as it has clients. Also, with Gary's realness and kindness I see myself in him and thanks to him I realised the world would accept me. Since then I've been building my personal brand... hence you now reading my blog. I listen to GaryVee podcast every day (limit myself to a max of 10-20 mins eps unless title is too appealing to miss).

- Hacks regarding life: Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris is a truly out of the box thinker! When you are bought up with false beliefs you need to listen to someone like Tim to bring your creative and realness back to life. Tim's 4 hour work week is filled with golden nuggets!

- Real Estate & Sales: Grant Cardone

When building a personal brand you are selling yourself daily so educate yourself on sales! Also, as long term I want to create a hotel chain for Consultants I listen to Grant's real estate advice. He always makes me laugh and have remastered my mind into why the middleclass is poor. I see a lot of myself again in Grant which makes it so easy to listen to him. I've completed Grants Sales School and adore his BOBA book. 10X

- Fitness (What if mentality): David Goggins

When training to go on the Titan Games everyone around you will think you are crazy. So it's vital to find people who's achieve not just a little bit more than you, but someone who's created their own real life Rocky story. David Goggins lost over 100lbs in 3 months and then became a navy seel. I listen to David one hour a day.

- Mindset: Brooke Castillo

To believe impossible goals to weight loss Brooke have completely changed my life. I've listened to Brooke's podcast everyday for a year now and I'm in her self coaching schlors school (£250 p/m and worth every penning). Your thoughts become your feelings and your feelings becomes your actions.

- Motivation

Eric Thomas is the man who shouts me out of bed EVERY MORNING!

Les Brown is my afternoon speaker he never fails to put a smile on my face and was my first speaker I've ever found. I've been listening to him ever since. His story about being the dumb twin and how no one believed in him related to my childhood.

- delaware Mentor

Within my day to day job I of course have a mentor who I catch up with bi-weekly who's an absolute legend!

You can't listen to everyone! I hope my above help if you have ever seen my social media you know I listen to these daily. Please let me know any mentors in your life that you recommend.


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