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My Biggest Social Media Lesson Learnt


I started my social media brand building in September 2017 by accident. Since then I have viewed myself as a brand and executed on Instagram, facebook, twitter, Tiktok, YouTube and just recently LinkedIn. Every time you start on a new platform on your own personal account you get a backlash and this is due to the following reasons:

· When people initially followed you they followed you for the person you were at the time

· They did not follow you for the content you were about to drop

Who I am today and who I was back then are completely different people. It quite incredible. So when I first started posting on my personal Instagram and facebook page I lost a lot of people. People were like, “What the fuck is Katie doing?”. They got annoyed at my daily posts out of nowhere regarding content they never agreed to see. Some people absolutely loved it, but some people absolutely hated it!

Recently the penny dropped for me when I did the same thing on LinkedIn. As I started to execute weekly to then daily I had some backlash. I also, trended twice on the platform and gained 300+ followers, but my co-workers for example thought I was crazy. They certainly didn’t sign up on a professional platform for SAP tips and get how to stay healthy in a Consultant Lifetsyle. It did trigger some people off. After taking a step back I completely understand why.

Even though you would think if someone doesn’t like something they would chose to unfollow it. Not everyone will take this approach! So take a lesson from me and to have a more comfortable journey to just create a new page! And start from step 0.

The reasons why it’s better to keep your brand building and personal accounts separate is because:

· You will attract your tribe

· You can be yourself and not worry about anyone’s opinion

· The people that connect with you have chosen it and are like minded

How to find your new audience

· See hashtags relevant to your target audience

Here’s to my step 0 journey into LinkedIn I shall keep you updated my friends.

Please know if you ever need any tips just hit me up 😊


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