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Must Watch Films

Hey, welcome to a smiley face (not going to lie to you this was taken today haha). If you are anything like me right now... you have a lot of free time, but maybe not the energy to utilise it into something productive? I feel you! Even watching a film is hard as hell at the moment, but that's why I'm going to give you a list of films which are great and will keep your attentions. Times are hard and I just want you to smile. I hope these help a little:

- The Departed

- Blade

- Mortal Combat

- The Late Show

- License to Wed

- The Holiday

- Inception

- Lucky Number Slevin

- Snatch

- Friday

- One Day at a Time (series)

- He's Just Not That into You

- Atypical (series)

- New Girl (series)

- Think Like a Man

- Why did I get Married?

- Why did I get Married Too?

- Twins

- Groundhog Day

- Isn't it Romantic?

- Celebs Go Dating (series)

- Sex Education (series)

- Step Brother

- The Duff

- Funny Girl

- Ru Paul Drag race (OBVS)

- A Cinderella Story

- Crocodile Dundee

- The Big Short

- Bad Teacher

Loads more to go, but here's a starter for ten. My favorite film is Lucky Number Slevin, because well its mind blowing. Also, top tip search your fav actors and a list of films with them in will pop up. I've invested in Amazon Prime this monthm ugly UI, but great films! The films ready to leave gives you a little more urgency to watch them as well.

Stay safe my friends! We got this!

- myhitlife

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