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Maintain Your Brand & Enjoy Your Holidays!

This photo is not from holidays, but I think it accurately shows my ass crawling to my holiday with the baggage of my goals on my back HA. I know I've promised this week would be a Red Bull blog, but I also know you guys wouldn't beat me up for having a week off!

So it's a Wednesday and as I'm sat at my screen doing intraday trading waiting for a signal I thought I would make use of my time by creating next week content. This will allow me on Sunday to completely relax and get ready to enjoy my 3 nights away on Monday.

Its hard to relax when you know in the back of your mind you have tasks! Plus I'm extremely bad at wasting time. For some reason I always need to feel efficient! I'm working on playing more don't worry! Hence the 3 nights away where I just intend to eat, sleep and read ha.

Every week I post the following content:

  • x3 Instagram posts (Daily checkin, Daily Vlog and 100 Days of White Privilege)

  • x3 Facebook posts (posted directly from my Instagram)

  • x2 Twitter posts

  • x1 Tiktok

  • x7 podcasts

  • x1 Blog

  • x1 YouTube Training Vlog

  • However maybe IG stories I want to create daily

So in order to enjoy your holiday simply create all these posts a good few days before you go and schedule them with buffer!

Consistency isn't measure in days, weeks or months but in years!

Its a basic tip, but it could change your life if you are truly dedicated to your goals.


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