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Lush - The Power of Karma

I've never bought a product from lush before. I kinda didn't see the big deal for some overly priced bath bombs or so I thought. I've always been that way inclined anything too trendy I have kinda avoided. However, I know the more girly girl people in my family appreciates it. So during the Christmas period I popped into the store. Something happened and I think I had to wait. Whatever, the outcome was I was given a free product for my inconvenience. I was always tempted to try one of their spa treatments.

Every time I have gone into the store the workers have been so ridiculously friendly. Going out their way to help me. After being taken through what I loved as a spa treatment I then decided to not only buy one treatment, but two!

Still even after my first treatment I haven't yet purchased a lush product for myself. However, after being given the option to take a shower after my treatment and literally trying everything out in store I today made my first purchase for me. A purchase consisting of £115 worth of lush products! It goes shows how much of a positive attitude of the workers within the Cardiff store made an impact on my experience.

If it truly wasn't for them I would never have bothered taking my lush virginity. Going into the store I fully enjoy it just to see happy people. Happy workers. There's nothing more beautiful in life than watching people love their jobs.

I'm trying out the new showers bombs to incorporate into my morning and night routine. The blog next week I'll let you know how they go. EKKK I've never been so excited for a Monday!


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