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Lessons Learnt from SAS: Who Dares Wins

For preparation for SAS: Who Dares Wins one thing I've learnt is that the only thing that will stop you is, you. So therefore, I'm doing whatever preparation required to achieve my goal. Therefore, I've binged watched the 5 seasons and taken notes. One of my strengths is my ability to study. So by taking the notes I'm going to then put in the reps and the work to quiet that negative Nancy voice in my head.

Summary Notes:

- Navigation Skills required in morning and night (course booked)

- Train in army kit ready (purchase army kit therefore, no surprise when running in boots on the show)

- Be a team player (taking up a Thai boxing class)

- Comfortable within water (lifesaving practice skills)

- Running is one of the key skills (joined a running club)

- Always keep one kit dry!

- Practice different types of lifts such as overhead, zercher and side carries

- Accept mental games are just to see you tick and do not take it personal

- Get some ladder and rope practice (circus classes)

- Keep your kit tidy always

- Never loose equipment!

- Practice firemans lift

- Sickening is there to drop people!

- Know where to stand ready to carry the log... i.e. short then towards the front

- Never take the call from home

- Learn how to abseil and feel comfortable with heights

- Swimming technique keep head above the water and consider breast stroke as requires less energy

- Nail the cover story!

- Understanding the certain phases of interrogation and different type of interrogators

In the previous blog I wrote about the difference SAS books I've been listening to to mentally prepare me. I hope it helps. There's no course for these types of things so you got to self learn the best way you can.


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