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Lessons Learnt from Milan

So what is my version of planning for a holiday? Basically I do the following steps and the rest I’ll do on the fly. Which is a perfect lessons learnt blog for yourself to read:

· Return Flights


However, try to check whether you can buy a single ticket cheaper. Keep your options open and please browse in private browsing so they can’t collect your cookies. Cookies are your search criteria meaning every time you search a flight etc they will put up the prices

o Ryanair – yes, the flights are cheap, but they charge luggage even for a 10kg suitcase! EasyJet does not. Therefore, I would recommend to stick with EasyJet

· Accommodation

o I tried to check out my first hostel, but the truth of the matter is it’s not for me. So therefore, I went with an apartment within the centre of the city! The apartment felt extremely safe and was in an incredible location!

o I like to use as when you book 10 nights with them they give you a night for free (based off of the average nightly price of the previous bookings)

· 4G

o When you are living life on the fly make sure you have a mobile network where you can use your phone anywhere!

Everything else I pretty much winged. So let’s go:

· Transfers

o Before traveling to Milan I checked whether there was uber. As I found out Uber existed I naturally thought I’d get an uber from the airport, easy right? Wrong! 100 Euro standard taxi from the airport to the center! Absolutely crazy. I immediately hit up Google and discovered you can get a single to the city center for around 13 euros. However, when walking to the train station I saw there was Shuffle Bus company for a Return ticket for 16 euros!

o Looking back I probably should’ve emailed the apartment to pre-arrange transfers. As I walked around 1 hour from the city center to retrieve my apartment keys and then finally make it to the apartment. This was purely due to my lack of research! I could’ve caught the shuttle bus and then taken the metro (2 euro) only 4 stops to the Catherdral and saved myself all that walking.

· Supermarket

o There will always likely be a supermarket especially in the city center at least 10-15 minute walk from yourself. If Google maps doesn’t show this. Then search, “Supermarkets” within the apple maps

o To save yourself a tonne of money agree maybe 1 meal out and the rest prep yourself

o You can buy a good amount of protein and food for around 50 euros. Sounds pricey, but honestly it would save you around 100-200 euros including the amount you paid for shopping

· Gym

o Fitness seems a little bit of a fad in Milan like lots of people sitting and talking in the gym. I went to the Audace gym which looked pretty cool, but only 1 squat rack. 45 euros for 1 session or 100 euros for 1 week. There is a sauna there. So if you are a big gym buff then give it a go, but go in the mornings around 9am – 10am. In the nights you won’t be able to grab any equipment.

o If you are into cardio go with the running option or better yet hit programs which require no equipment. The city is pretty dead in the mornings so you could even do hit training in front of the cathedral. However, as always watch yourself so don’t put any headphones in

· Lake Como

o I caught a train to Como Nord Lago (Como Lago train station) from Milano Nord Cadorna (Milano Cadorna train station) for a return was 9.20 euros. The lake is on your left from leaving the train station and it has toilets available.

o Looking back over this trip I probably would’ve benefitted from having someone else organise the trip and catching numerous ferries to see all the sides of the lake.

· Rest rooms

o If you have a small bladder like me then this can be kind of a nightmare. There are toilets available, but a 1 euro a time! Absolutely crazy so make sure you have change available. Also, when eating at a café use the restroom before you go. McDonalds have free toilets

· Cathedral

o Going inside the Cathedral is an absolute must! The ticket office to the Cathedral is on the left with the sign stating “tickets”. Don’t waste time waiting in the museum for tickets. Buy the 19 euro ticket option which gives you lift access to the Cathedral terrace, inside the Cathedral and the stunning museum next to the building. For 2 hours only. The hours count on the hour. Check whether you can buy your tickets online. I would stay spend 1 hour 15 minutes on the Cathedral and 45 minutes in the museum

· Things I wish I researched beforehand

o Honestly the alps you’ll notice immediately when you get off the plane. Also, when you’re on top of the cathedral you can see the alps. It’s pretty incredible


If you have any other questions just let me know.


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