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Lessons I learnt from door to door Fundraising

When I was 18 years old during my first year of University I did a Marketing internship or so I thought. A 10 weeks, 7 days a week period of door-to-door fundraising for Practical Action. Being an Economics student it warmed my heart to see how Economics could be used for the good in the world (especially after Economic History lectures). I guess I didn't realize then how much I appreciated technology. No matter how simple or complicated, technology was improving lives. I had a massive passion for this charity which glowed with a 1.2 conversion ratio.

It was one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever done and I mean ever done. The amount of rejection and uncomfortability is like no other. But still to this day it holds a special part in my life. They brain washed us. What? Yes, you read right. They brain washed us to be positive. To see in every situation three positives. No one ever taught me these vital skills in life. I found myself becoming a person I never even knew I had. I was extremely addicted to see how I could become.

Did I have moments where women went to drop kick me out of a garden? On yeah, you bet it! My second day exactly and I broke down in tears. However, what kept me going was remembering that this is just first world problems and all I have to do is survive these 10 weeks. There are people walking miles and miles for dirty water. I couldn’t gave up! I again used my empathy for others. More like the empathy for myself to keep me moving forward. My heart ached when I thought, but what if that was me? I would want someone to help me. So I forced myself and in the grand scheme of things 10 weeks of my life to help others is still so lazy.

I signed up over 93 people with £9.00 per month going to the charity. Meaning that was £1,000 per month I raised to help others in the world. It still makes me smile to this day that I did that. It certainly wasn’t about money and we were paid far under minimum wage. However, being an university student it was probably the only time in my life I could give back in this way. The most valuable asset I had… my time. I even inspired others then through my passion of the charity and my positive attitude. Skipping door to door.

The lessons I learnt the hard way which I still carry within my career today:

- No one likes unhappy people. No matter what "day" you've had. If you bring negative energy to someone no matter how much you feel entitled! You will get shot down and your bad day will continue to get worse;

- Being negative is something to do, but gets you nowhere;

- Every situation is down to mindset. Thanks to this I would skip door to door. Had numerous free BBQs, Vodka's & items. Just by getting uncomfortable;

- Passion will always beat enthusiasm. So, if you don't believe in the product then leave. People like to buy, but no one likes to be sold to.

It’s how we view a situation which really defines us. Unfortunately school doesn’t teach us to manage our emotions. We must self-educate, but I promise you it’s worth it.

Have you ever done a Sales job? If so, drop a comment below with the lessons you leant and if you still use them today.


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