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Lesson's Learnt from Venice

I don't know about you, but honestly I am coming back from these holidays more exhausted ha. Any who, in this blog I'm going to share with you my tips for Venice.


I stayed a 11 minute train journey just outside Venice (Venicia Mestre) in a £37 per night apartment. Honestly the apartment was perfect and took me just 15 minutes to arrive in the center of Venice. I would most definitely stay there again. I saved so much on accomodation and food. Did you know its 25 euro's for a coffee in the heart of Venice? Apparently, it's a lot cheaper for bar service than sitting down, but still that's out of my price range. 3 nig


I had flights again with Ryanair I've noticed that if you select add luggage further along you will save roughly £5 - £10.

However, alternating options to look at is Easyjet as a hang baggage of 10kg is included within the flight price. Also, British Airways you can have up to 3 handbags! So don't pay for a suitcase with them!

Transport from the Airport:

There are plenty of offices available at the airport to guide you and it's pretty easy. Ubers and taxi's are 3-4 times the cost.

Transport from Mestre to Venice (Vencia S Lucia):

Numerous trains every 5-10 minutes costing 3 euro's for a return.

Gym (Mestre):

John Reed gym which is extremely amazing! One of the best gyms I've ever seen which gives you 1 free pass. Therefore, for my weight training session I used the gym, but for cardio sessions I used the hotel gym.

Day Trips:

I would recommend doing guided tours as in general navigating around Venice isn't the most easy. I found my signal was non-existence one day. However, potential to download offline google maps. I had a walking tour and island hopping. The island hopping was £17, however, the guide only talked on the boat and did not feel guided what so ever. The glass making was the highlight on the tour!

Grocery Stores:

Apples maps always show limited stores abroad. However, I've noticed Google maps have a lot more options. Therefore, always worth cross checking both apps.

Currency Accepted:

I didn't take out any Euro's, but at the glass factory they were willing to take other currencies such as Dollar and pounds. In most stores they have a limited on how much you can use on card.

Summary my 4 day trip to Venice cost only £160! Would highly recommend going to Venice outside of summer season and carnival season if you want cheap prices and less chaos.


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