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Legacy - Who are you showing up for?

Everyone wonders how I create so much content. It's all due to the discipline of journaling. If you read my social media posts you know I'll never be an editor and I'm dyslexic, but that doesn't stop me having a loving to write.

For maybe the 1000th time I wrote down my legacy. By me being completely selfish who was I going to help. The content idea came to me so hard it spent tears streaming down my face in public. I was going to create a speech to help you identify your why. I want you to take yourself back to the darkest place in your life and how you felt you would never escape. You would never survive. That you wanted to give up and felt completely helpless. Then you have a child/ niece/ nephew / friend or someone you truly love and one day they come to you with the same look in their eyes. You see them as broken as you was in that moment of time. Looking for answers from you about how will they get through. You can't protect them from the world and they too will feel what you felt.

When I was at my lowest the only thing which stopped me from giving up was knowing one day someone will come to me with that pain and my heart will snap in two if I can't at least tell them they can make it, because I made it. I can't lie. I physically can't lie like that. All I can do in this world is set that example for my children. To give them hope. To document all my struggles that is the only real gift I can give. I can't stop their first dickhead love. I can't stop the bullying. I can't stop the fights. I can't stop the character building journey called life, but one thing I can control is showing them they can make it.

I will not live my life with guilt and regret, because my children will need me and I will not go out by letting them down. There will always be a little boy or girl looking up to you and you DO NOT LET THEM FUCKING DOWN! This life isn't just about you! Si crawl if you must you have a real life fairy tale to create. The heroine / hero and the villains ;)

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