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Its Not a Farewell, but it is a Goodbye

It's my fourth week of working with my life coach and generally taking real ownership of my emotions. I've worked out I am in full control of my timetable, goals and well... life. That I removed the fun out of life and I don't have to do just anything.

I've posted this blog weekly mainly to have an excuse to keep the website up. At this current time writing long ass blogs just isn't where my heart is. However. I am so passionate about my podcast, instagram, facebook and tiktok. I share everything I do every single day with you across all my social media platforms.

Honestly if you ever need anything please just DM or email me. For now as I'm not even promoting the blog, putting in real effort and just doing it for doing it sake. I think it's time to take a break before I can give you the valuable time and information you deserve.

I know it's a proud moment where Katie decides to lower her goal list!

Write back in 2021...

See you on the other side!


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