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Its Like Pulling out Teeth

Hello, my lovelies!

I hope all is well with you. With me... not so much! It's been intense! Week3 of coaching and I have to question everything I do on a daily basis! I fucking hate it LOL. At some point I made up that my coach said something wrong to try and remove me from vulnerability into control.

Yeah, it wasn't pretty and thank the lord the calls are recorded! So re-watching the calls I was like yeah... embrace the suck Katie!

I'm in the process of drastically changing my timetable on a daily and weekly basis. And then truly reviewing what I do and my thoughts behind it. The only difference between a person who achieves their goal and someone who doesn't is their belief system. So I want a solid core belief system!

I've also realised on a daily basis I feel like I have no purpose, lazy, tired and bored. I've been avoiding facing those emotions by either comfort eating or going on my phone and then I'm getting even worse negative emotions long term. So I've decided to start feeling my initial negative emotions! It's so much less painful and negative emotion is unavoidable anyways.

I hope this helps and if you ever need anything just DM or email me.

- myhitlife

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