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If You Had Your Time Again, Would You Change it?

As my friends mother asked me, "If you could have your time again would you still do your job?". My friend paused, looked at me and said" I don't think you actually would. I think you have been really lucky to have found your job".

It was as if I was transported through time and saw my six years career flash before my eyes. And in that moment I confirmed, "No, I actually wouldn't". Even now I'm sat in a hotel room typing this. The life of an IT Consultant was everything I ever dreamed of in a job. Different tasks day in and out, consistent challenges and the ability to travel.

Like everyone I have had my career highlights and lows, but I will say my highlights outweighed them all. Most of the time I had my evenings to myself which allowed me to reset and practice gratitude.

The first time I ever went in a Hilton was with my job. I've even worked in Silicon Valley! I can’t even imagine where I’d be if I didn’t leave my first graduate job. It was an Tax Analyst position at one of the big four consultancy firms. You know everyone’s dream! But it just wasn’t for me, I was so unhappy and bored out of my mind. I even sucked so bad at the job, because of it. I seriously got worried that I was stupid. But then I realised it was just because I was so disengaged. Many people of a daily basis sacrifice their happiness for a name on the day. Don’t get me wrong I’ve made a lot of sacrifices in my career for a CV or bank balance, but I have my limits.

I feel extremely blessed to have found my career. Hence why I create YouTube vlogs to save other business Graduates.

Okay, here’s a curve ball there would’ve been one other career I would’ve loved, but couldn’t pass the medical due to my eyesight. A RAF pilot! But don’t worry I thought I’d buy my own private jet and get my pilots license instead ha-ha.

So now the question is directed at you. If you had your time again, would you change your career? Also, if the answer isn’t nom then what’s stopping you from changing it now? Life is too short to be unhappy and you deserve to be happy my friend!


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