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I didn’t know I was starving until I tasted you - Book sneak peek

Not the final version of my book, but I thought I'd give you an insight into what you will be expecting with the book. It will be me telling my love life. Lessons I've learnt so then you have no BS excuses to accept the 10 steps I provide to help you indeed get over an ex!

The finale. The ex boyfriend who changed the course for them all. I finish writing this chapter to the song I dedicated to him at the beginning of our relationship. Fresh coming out of my second relationship and I wanted to walk away. There was something in me that knew I had to, but I couldn’t move my feet. This is the first time I listened to that song since the breakup and I can dance back and forth to it now. Does that mean I never think of my ex? Well 1.5 years later I have to say from my rules it is at a minimum now. However, does it hurt any less when I randomly find a photo of me & him together… definitely not. The betrayal of trust. Thinking that you was both happy and in a world of your own. When the other was just going along with what you wanted and later came to resent you. It was every girls worse nightmare especially for a girl who was as broken as I was. Who’s faith in men was at a complete low, but it was the breakup that was finally the turning point in my life I needed. One I will never regret and am most grateful for.

Avoiding falling all the way down and waiting for someone to save me from my fall to rock bottom I accepted it. The relationship was something I’ve never experienced before. I would say the majority of it was a grown up relationship. There was some complete childish behavior, but hey what do you expect when you have an old soul as a girlfriend and a younger goof ball of a boyfriend? Opposites were about to attract and create explosions. The relationship was a team where you supported one another. You both put in the equal amount of work, but most importantly you didn’t really have to draft up a timetable or force him.

So how did it all started? Well as this is my story then we know that the Eastenders story line is coming? Oh of course, it was yet another guy from work. Same company and now same project. I certainly have never liked the easy life. I was in England by myself, the only welsh one around. I was a bit more of a rough diamond than the others and after being put down consistently over a year I was feeling like an outcast. Better yet I was feeling like a Jeremy Kyle episode. So, as all welsh people do after a break up… we head down to a Whether Spoons and drink our problems away.

I drank my problems away with a jug of purple rain at a time. Accompanied by my close welsh guy mate from work. We talked and all a sudden my view of my friend changed to something else. Purely for the fact he understood me and my background. We both solely related to one another.

To be continued...

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