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How to Use Sleepless Nights

Don't I look glorious after 4 hours of sleep? Yeah, I didn't think so either ha.

Anywho, I woke up at 3am on a Saturday and my body was not going to get back to sleep. This truly sucked ass! So, after two hours wasted on my phone (keeping it real) I took my ass downstairs and started producing my mass weekly content.

It's pretty amazing how much stress affects us. Sometimes its easier to just power through, do the work and then sleep later. This morning I've done the following:

- Typical daily content creation goals

- Typical morning routine

- x1 Blog

- x7 Posts scheduled for LinkedIn

- x7 Posts scheduled for Ig

- x7 Posts scheduled for Fb

- x7 Podcasts

That's really how I managed everything I sacrifice my weekend to create content and then mass schedule it throughout the week.

So if you find you have a sleep night you may as well drag your ass up and get shit done. Schedule in a nap for later and then just enjoy yourself.

Just a short blog to show the realness of it all. Not bad for a sleep deprived Katie.


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