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How to Show up no Matter how Low you Feel

Lets face it no matter how hard we try we will have some periods were we just feel low. We feel a little off. We just feel meh. Not for any reason specific, but because that’s just life. We get that negative voice in our head which comes back again and again no matter how hard we try to push it away. Its like we are trying to run away from being away from being sad, but even when writing this doesn’t that seem a counteractive behaviour? That fact we are overreacting to feeling sad? Will feeling sad kill us? It’s kind of like we are setting fuel to the fire. Maybe feeling sad isn’t even that bad, but how we react to it magnifies it?

(What the emotion actually feels like) What does sad or low actually feel like? Why is it so bad? Lets break it down to the actual feeling inside our bodies:

· Forehead feeling a little warm

· Eyelids feel a little heavy

· Heart aches a little

(Thought Download) Now what is the thought side of feeling sad/low:

· I feel numb

· I’m sad

· I just want to quit

· I’m tired

· I’m not motivated

· I don’t want to show up

I’m a massive believer that our thoughts equals our feelings. Obviously some days we will just feel sad. We will just wake up feeling numb, but our thoughts repeated over and over again will compel that. And we just have to accept them, but instead we will over eat or drink to quiet those thoughts. I think when we reject our thoughts we escalate them.

Why it is so socially acceptable to wake up happy or motivated? The hard work only starts when we get tired. If anything it is in these times that we show up highlights how much we truly want it. How committed we really are. Isn’t that beautiful? Even when your doesn’t and thoughts don’t feel like it and you still show up. That your why for showing up is greater than any present emotion. There’s a sound on tiktok, “Its beautiful, isn’t it? How it all hurts, but we never give up”.

I think it is in these times we feel the least creative. We feel embarrassed like we have nothing to share with the world. That we feel so numb that we can’t even write anything. The truth is when we reject our negative emotion aka we don’t want to face that we are feeling and thinking negative thoughts then of course we have a creative block! But, when you finally accept how you feel and no longer hide like I have done throughout writing this blog I can’t type quick enough to keep up with my thoughts. The moment I stopped trying to counteract feeling low/ numb is the moment I can actually provide value.

(Owning it) I show up daily and I know people show up for me. It feel like sometimes I let those people down when I feel this way, but I couldn’t be more wrong. It is in these times I show them, “If I can, you can”. That I’m not a magical unicorn. Even though I feel sad that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t show up. I’m going to own it and show up anyways. This blog is very all over the place, but I’ll tell you a secret so is my mind right now.

Thanks to the Life Coach School Training I know own my emotion. Positive or negative on a daily basis. I know when I’m avoiding journaling it’s because I won’t like what thoughts I see in my mind. I’m going to break down the daily techniques by add sub titles to the above sections:

· Thought Download

· Breaking down my emotion

· Owning my emotion

Seriously you are not alone and nothing lasts forever!

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