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How to Holiday & Maintain your Brand

So if you know me, you know by now I do not agree in days off. I haven't taken a day off in nearly 2 years. When I commit to something... that's it. I promise you when I started I did not see this level of consistency was even possible. However, I know how dangerous is a day off. So I fear unplanned day's off more than anything in the world.

If you have been following my journey lately on social media you can probably see it's been one of the most character building weeks of 2019 for myself. So I'm taken myself away for 6 days in Portugal solo. I need some me time to recharge, but all my social media accounts will be running as if I'm in the UK... how?

So every day I do the following minimum baseline activities:

- x5 Tiktoks

- x3 IG posts

- x3 FB posts

- x3 Twitter posts

- x1 LinkedIn Vlog

- x1 LinkedIn Post

- x1 Weekly Blog

- x1 Daily Vlog

- x1 IGTV Video

- IG, Facebook & Community Live

- x1 Podcast

So you can see that's actual quite a lot. I've decided to create all the content before I go by doing the following to do list:

- x5 Tiktoks per day for 9 days = 45 Tiktoks to be created including video questions from followers and sounds

- x3 IG per day for 9 days = 27 posts (9 Daily Vlogs, 9 Quotes and 9 real time)

- x3 FB per day will be connected from my IG

- x3 Twitter day for 9 days = 27 posts (9 Daily Vlogs, 9 Quotes and 9 real time podcasts)

- x1 IGTV per day for 9 days = 9 videos which need to be loaded daily

- x1 LinkedIn Vlog and Video will be pre-made and scheduled via Buffer

- x1 Podcast for 9 days = 9 episodes pre-made and will be posted daily

- Lives will be done daily

- x1 Weekly blog = 2 blogs pre-made and scheduled within website

All the posts I'll be doing will be pre-made. So those 5 minutes of watching others live their lives I'm getting mine! So in Portugal I can be fully present and recharging, but whilst having some elements on social where I show up daily!

So if you ever feel like your world is falling a part and you need a break. Then I would highly recommend the above method with a daily live to show your presence. No one will judge you for life happening, but not showing up isn't an option!

Time to refresh and get into that Titan Katie mindset!

I hope it helps. Please drop a comment below letting me know what you think or hit me up on social media if you need anything


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