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How to Get Over an Ex Guide

Here's all the answers on how to get over an ex SUCCESSFULLY! Trust me I tried them all and this is the path of least damage control. All those people like haha I'm texting my ex's friends blah blah they all end up in tears! Trust and believe me this is what to do and how long it will take.

Lately on Instagram I’ve been asked how do you get over an ex? Its very obvious by the stories I shared that I have had my fair share of breakups. That’s what happens when you aren’t truly happy in yourself. Stay to stay with over two years of investment in myself I no longer seek my happiness in a man! Lucky enough I’ve thrown away the imaginary manual I had of what he had to do to make me happy as well, because after all I now know I’m everything I need & more!

In a couple of years I will share the book version of this blog and go through my whole love life. People being people will always find an excuse to not take my advice as I apparently will not understand. So by sharing my experience it removes all those excuses.

I’m not going to sugar coat shit for you either. Getting over an ex isn’t easy, but these below steps will escalate the process! If you follow them the amount of time you need to get over an ex successfully will decrease by 75%! But most importantly then the journey of finding out who the fuck you are will be the most valuable experience you will ever do in your life and no doubt will then lead to you one day finding, “The One”.

Please understand when following the below steps you will probably suck at first! Like I did, but by breakup lucky number Slevin I learnt I had my tactics and steps of how to get over an ex successfully. Along the way I actually gain self respect for myself as well where I stopped begging men to love me after they would break up with me.

So now the steps:

1) Block your ex off of all social media. Showing him what he’s missing is a pack of shit. Ditch the Cosmo and do what I’m saying! All that does by your ex being on social media is you ending up stalking them and then worse case night out pictures. Or check in status with other people will tear you apart! Whether its just after a breakup or 10 months down the line… BLOCK THEM! You will be the only person who suffers from keeping them there!

2) Delete their number. I mean this as well even if you are feeling fine you will get vulnerable and you will want to text them. It’s hard to text someone when you haven’t got their number! So delete it from everything and I mean your chat & phone logs. You ain’t fooling me…. I’ve been that dick before!

3) Delete all pictures off your phone and social media. Listens memories last a lifetime in your head! You don’t need photo damn evidence! Especially when in 5 years’ time you are actually with the person you should have been with all along! You may be fine and then boom 10 months down the line you’ll see a picture and think of the good old days. You’ll forget all the bad by then. DON’T DO THAT TO YOURSELF!

4) Throw away all sentimental items. There’s nothing worse than seeing that cute teddy or card from the good times! I’m not even going to explain this shit!

5) YOU DO NOT AT ANY POINT IN TIME GET UNDER ONE TO GET OVER ANOTHER. Back away from Tinder and plenty of fish all you are going to give yourself is a rebound or your head spinning from not just one person, but another. This is common sense I’m not going to bother explaining more. By the way if you have had a relationship where you was in love accept you will need 1 year + to get over it!

6) Force yourself to spend time alone. Listen you probably haven’t spent time alone by yourself in the whole period property. Its going to suck at first, but laugh it off and understand in life there are periods you’ll be alone. Accept it and embrace the suck! Your mates will grow up, get married and have kids. So buy some candles and find a Netflix series. Depending how bad the breakup was then consider your first solo holiday. DM if you need ideas.

7) Understand good things take time (continue reading to see cycle of emotions from the breakup period). Please consider that when you were with someone you had a routine. That routine have now changed and you need to embrace it. Example you don’t wake up and text someone. That’s okay it will take time to get over it and then it won’t even phase you at all!

Now understand there are two types of breakups:

1) The first love (the soul crusher)

2) Anyone after it (if you survive the first no matter how bad it gets you know you’ll survive the latter)

The first love break up will be the worse thing you could ever imagine. This will build your character and foundation for all future breakups to come (I hope there aren’t any mind!). Brace yourself this is going to suck ass. You will feel as if your heart have been ripped out of your chest. To the point that you will not be able to sit anywhere (including public) without pinning your legs or arms across your chest in attempt to hold your heart in! I of course did the Twilight New Moon breakup phase during my first love. Unfortunately, even though I paused my whole second year of university it certainly didn’t pause for me! Which meant my grades displayed it and I nearly lost a degree. After 3.5 years on and off with my first love I can tell you the above 7 steps are vital. I of course tried to keep him there on social blah blah. I’ve done all the cliché shit that they tell you to do after a breakup. All it did was my ex picking me up and throwing me out (literally) when he felt like it. Therefore, turning a breakup which should of finished after 1.5 years into 3.5 years!

Please note after you fulfil the above 7 steps you will cry and your heart will break, because you know that there’s no going back now. Things never get better! They get worse and worse. Trust is like a mirror after all.

Good news however, if you can get over 1) then 2) is guaranteed! Please note you will have people you fall madly in love with similar to 1) even after 1), but you will now have faith in yourself that you can get over it!

Finally the life cycle of how to get over an ex (1 year – 1.5 years)

Please note this is an generic life cycle of 2). Number 1) is a fucking shit hole.

1-3 months – You will think about your ex every single day including dreaming. However, after month 1-2 it will get better day after day.

3-4 months – You’ll realise one day have gone by where you haven’t thought of your ex. You’ll be so damn proud of yourself and you’ll show realise it’s getting easier and easier.

4-10 months – You’ll be flossing as now you no longer think of your ex. Like LOL FUCK YOU SUCKER!

10 months-1.2 years – Oh fanfuckingtastic guess who’s started to dream of your ex. YOU HAVE! This is a false alarm and by nowhere near a sign that you should get back with your ex! I know I have done it many times ha.

1.2 years onwards – The dreams have finished thank the lord and you’ve made it my friend.

Please note you may get the occassionaly dream or nightmare (depending how bad they were) a year or two after it. This happens brush it off.

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