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How to Create Content for LinkedIn

If you are a Consultant you would have heard the rumors regarding how much LinkedIn is changing. And of course it's so tempted to just sit back and watch people become pioneers of the platform. But I know if you are reading this blog it's because you want much more than that.

I have most definitely decided to fall face first on the platform. Posting 1 piece of content minimum a day and even creating my own hashtag #tipsfromtippings. Unfortunately, I was not first to instagram, but I will be one of the firsts for LinkedIn.

If you follow me on other social media platforms you will know my LinkedIn content is completely different to what is "myhitlife". However, there is numerous sides to me and my tech Consultant is most definitely one of them. I have to say LinkedIn is serving the passion in me for brand building, but most importantly walking Consultants in the SAP field open up to it more.

Still I won't lie to you I am double taking my videos which is something I most definitely do not do for any other platform. Also, as I'm dyslexic I have a friend to proof read my LinkedIn post's on buffer every Sunday. I promise you though if you are an "out of the box" thinker then your time is now to come out and show.

How I manage to overcome overwhelme and fear on the platform is by doing what I do best "consistency". I schedule one post a day and a weekly vlog. Then as I go along and feel inspired I will post more content. When you are in a creative mind write down all your content ideas.

First things first though what is your best communication method?

- Audio

- Video

- Written

If you are an amazing writer then write a headline of your blog ideas. If video like myself then write a headline again. If you have a podcast then share the link, but most importantly I would recommend creating an audio visual for it so people can listen to it directly within the platform.

Last week so incredible people from within the field reached out to me regarding my posts via tiktok. So I've decided to start sharing more information of how I use the platform. I will not be posting tiktoks on LinkedIn unless an example! Remember your audience and what they are looking for.

Aka you need to sell the idea With myself I will be selling how businesses can use tiktok through business examples. I know you have knowledge to share or even career lessons learnt. I will look forward to seeing you on there and please drop me a DM on there!

Examples of my LinkedIn content is on Katie Tippings. Please note I have never ever used the platform until about 1-2 months ago only simply for a job, but stay tuned because I intend to dominate on there.


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