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How to Book a Cheap Holiday

People think I'm a trust fund baby! I promise you that is not the case I just know how to book cheap holidays or alternatively, I'm blessed enough to have a job where I go away and travel! When I was a kid the last holidays my parents took me on I was in Year 6 (age 10) and it was a Caravan Park in Tenby. I loved the holidays, but I'll admit it now I always wanted more. I always knew there was more to life and I wasn't going to stop until I got it.

My job allowed me to be challenged the way I've always dreamed of. Even when I was a child and I was introduced to my first PC I loved it. Once I went to Thailand at the age of 22 the travel bug never left me. So for those of you looking into a job which allows you to travel and live in hotels check out Consulting. I am currently working for a SAP Consultancy company as an SAP Consultant and it was the best career decision I've ever made.

So my holiday hacks:


- Skyscanner to check flight prices. Be aware flights maybe cheaper, but you may have to pay for luggage

- Flights with Ryanair there's no luggage, but never buy the first option you will be able to add a 10kg suitcase at a cheaper cost

- Hotels I usually use and when you book 10 nights you recieve 1 night free. However, they are now adding a £4 charge. Therefore, not as beneficial at usually. Always keep an eye out for a online discount code

- Holiday pirates is perfect if you are willing to go anywhere!

- On massive holiday destinations then sometimes package holidays are more beneficial example Mexico from the UK

Venice 3 nights with flights = £163

Hope it helps!


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