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Holiday Prep for Solo Travelers

It doesn't matter how strong and independent you get. Sometimes you get all female on yourself. If you are anything like me you want the stress free life. So this time around I chose to use my friends next start up travel planning service to avoid the part I hate... the planning. I filled out the holiday form about what I wanted and the rest was carefree.

I now how a sunny destination, hotel with a gym and beach nearby and transfer. Even the activities which appeal to any fitness person. Wow I should've done this many years ago!

Don't get me wrong I knew what I wanted so. Below are the detailed checks I got them to research for me:

- Sunny location

- To stay within a £300 - £350 budget

- Does the hotel have a gym

- What are the hotel gym facilities like?

- Are there any other cool gyms nearby?

- How far is the beach?

- Where is the nearest shopping mall for my food prep?

- Is there a fridge?

- What activities are there to do for me?

- Also, a destination for the quiet life aka no clubbing places

I only found out 4 days before leaving that I was able to have the weekend off training. So time was the essence it would be so easy to get lost on skyscanner for hours and hours. The overwhelm of it all, but by paying someone else I can just live in the moment and finally have the reset days I need.

Please if you hate something think about offshoring it? List of activities you can do it with:

- Cleaning windows

- House cleaning

- Video editing

- Admin tasks

- Washing your car

YOUR TIME IS PRECIOUS! Stop wasting it over saving money. You will only spend more money anyways, because you are unhappy. Those meals and night outs are adding up.

I hope it helps :)

YAS THIS IS BLOG NUMBER 2 FOR ME TO HAVE A STRESS FREE HOLIDAY. Full details in the previous blog and Consultant Life podcast on Spotify or Google pods

- myhitlife

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