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Hitting the Wall and Moving that Bitch

It's not easy being me. It seriously isn't like I'm a fucking hard ass on myself! Like seriously it's 3:43pm on a Sunday and I've done the following:

- 21 podcasts recorded and scheduled

- 4 Youtube Vlog recorded and scheduled

- 3 blogs done

But, still the list goes on where I have to create 21 tips for Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. However, I know the next 3 weeks I can fully focus on SAS: Who Dares Wins training. Leisure is a luxury that most people just think they are owe, but then they complain they aren't where they want to be which fascinates me.

Don't get me wrong I wanted to just quit. I want to quite more often than people think, but I literally take it a day at a time and I just refuse for myself to win! Well my brain to win. I know my future self in 10 years time is screaming at me to crawl my mother fucking ass forward so that is what I'm done. Right now leading by example I'm being the example I want to set. Like I've been doing the last 2 years, because I know in 10 years time I was right all along!

So I hope you read this and I hope it guilt trips you to at least do that one thing you promised you'd do for yourself! GO FUCKING GET THEM TIGER!


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